Empowering Our Partners: A Guide to GWN Cloud Management

GWN Cloud Management


As the official distributor of Grandstream products in Malaysia, Roots Communications is committed to empowering our resellers and system integrators with the knowledge and tools they need for success. Understanding GWN Cloud Management is crucial in optimizing the deployment and management of Grandstream’s networking solutions across varied client scenarios.

Overview of GWN Cloud Management

GWN Cloud Management is a centralized platform designed to streamline the configuration, management, and optimization of Grandstream’s networking devices. It offers a robust set of tools for our partners to efficiently manage large-scale networks, enhancing the reliability and performance of Wi-Fi deployments.

Getting Started with GWN Cloud Management

For our partners embarking on the GWN Cloud Management journey, here’s a concise guide to get you started:

  1. Account Setup: Register for an account on the GWN Cloud portal to begin.
  2. Device Registration: Add your Grandstream devices to the platform, leveraging its auto-discovery feature for ease.
  3. Configuration Basics: Familiarize yourself with the platform’s configuration options, focusing on those most relevant to your deployments.

Advanced Features and Strategies

GWN Cloud Management isn’t just about basic network management. It offers advanced features such as:

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts: Keep a pulse on network health and performance.
  • Scalable Management: Efficiently manage and scale network deployments to fit the needs of any client.
  • Custom Reports & Analytics: Use data-driven insights to optimize network performance and user experience.

Understanding and utilizing these features can significantly enhance your service offerings, ensuring client satisfaction and operational excellence.

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