Expand Your Outdoor Connectivity with Grandstream GWN7660LR



In the quest to bridge outdoor connectivity gaps, the Grandstream GWN7660LR emerges as the ultimate solution for businesses across Malaysia. This outdoor Wi-Fi access point leverages the power of Wi-Fi 6 technology to deliver unparalleled wireless performance, extensive coverage, and robust security, even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Designed for the modern enterprise, the GWN7660LR is equipped to handle high-density scenarios with ease, making it an ideal choice for expansive outdoor areas.

Superior Wireless Performance and Scalability

The GWN7660LR boasts a remarkable 1.77Gbps aggregate wireless throughput, complemented by dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for versatile connectivity options. Powered by dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO with DL/UL OFDMA technology, it excels in efficiently managing multiple connections simultaneously, ensuring high-capacity and low-latency wireless access for over 500 concurrent Wi-Fi client devices.

Extended Outdoor Coverage

With an impressive coverage range of up to 250 meters, the GWN7660LR is designed to extend your network’s reach further than ever before. Whether it’s for outdoor cafes, parks, or expansive industrial sites, this access point ensures that your network is accessible where your business needs it most, eliminating dead zones and providing consistent connectivity across large outdoor areas.

Tailored Connectivity with Flexible Antenna Options

Understanding the diverse needs of outdoor environments, the GWN7660LR features the flexibility of 2 detachable/changeable antennas. This adaptability allows for tailored antenna configuration to suit different application scenarios, optimizing performance and coverage based on specific site requirements.

Advanced Network Security

The GWN7660LR is fortified with anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown mechanisms to protect against external threats. These stringent security measures ensure that your network remains safe from unauthorized access and cyber threats, giving you peace of mind and a secure foundation for your business operations.

Effortless Management and Power Adaptation

Designed for ease of use and operational efficiency, the GWN7660LR supports self-power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE or PoE+. For network management, the embedded controller can manage up to 50 local GWN series APs, while GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager provide scalable solutions for managing an unlimited number of APs, either cloud-based or on-premise, catering to all types of deployment scenarios.


The Grandstream GWN7660LR stands out as a powerful, versatile, and secure outdoor Wi-Fi access point, engineered to meet the demanding connectivity needs of businesses in Malaysia. With its advanced features, extensive coverage, and flexible management options, the GWN7660LR is poised to revolutionize outdoor wireless networking, empowering businesses to expand their reach and capabilities.

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